Down Spider-Man Lane

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure may not be the largest themed land, but at night, it packs a lot of pretty sights in a small footprint.  The big views are the central plaza and the Ancient Sanctum areas, but there are lots of beautifully luminous areas, even where they're a little grungier.  An example is the side of the Spider-Man attraction building, visible when guests walk by the main promenade.  The ride entrance is just beyond and around the corner, but the building that used to house It's Tough to Be a Bug has been transformed into a bit of a gritty but still somehow visually captivating structure that mixes a bit of that eclectic New York City Spider-Man neighborhood with the technology of Stark Enterprises, bestowed upon young Peter Parker.  This is normally a bustling thoroughfare during the day, but it's lovely and peaceful by night!

The main avenue into Avengers Campus, late at night.


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