Snow White's Enchanted Wish

It was less than two years ago that Disneyland reopened after its longest closure in its history, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one of the silver linings of this shutdown is that it allowed a lot of maintenance and refurbishment work to happen unencumbered by having to worry about guests during the daytime.  One of the biggest changes involved the transformation of Snow White's Scary Adventures into Snow White's Enchanted Wish.  This project had been announced before the pandemic hit and would have opened in 2020 anyway, but the closure provide extra time to get everything dialed down and fully complete, so when the park reopened on the last day of April, 2021, it had a fully reimagined attraction to greet guests.

Here's a series of photographs riding through the attraction, which now has a full story with an ending that doesn't abruptly stop and omit a key part of the "happily ever after" conclusion!

The ride begins familiarly enough, joining Snow White at the dwarfs' cottage.

Snow White isn't on the steps, though.

Instead, she is celebrating with her new friends.

Outside, the Evil Queen still looks on siniserly.

Like other Fantasyland attractions that have been refurbished over the past decade, Snow White's Enchanted Wish includes a great mix of physical sets and video projections.

A major change is a venture into the Seven Dwarf's mine cave, where colorful jewels dazzle.

This is a gorgeous addition to the ride.

It's similar to scenes from the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster in Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disneyland!

So many gemstones!

But the tone turns dark as the ride moves into the Evil Queen's lair.

Here she is about to cast her famous spell...

...With a turn, the Evil Queen has transformed herself into a heinous hag!

The sorceress effects of the Queen are seen as the ride continues.

The scenes are colorful and captivating.

Care for a poisonous apple?

I guess Snow White does.

The seven dwarfs come to the rescue!

They send the Evil Queen to her craggy doom!

But Snow White had fallen into the slumber of a sleeping death!

It's okay. Prince Charming awakens her with true love's kiss.

This was infamously missing from the original ride.

The forest comes alive with celebration.

And Snow White gets to live in a lofty castle.

Yes, now we know how they live happily ever after!


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