The Incredi-Fountains

World of Color is a majestic, epic, and incredible show, but in my opinion, its most photogenic moments after happen during its post-show segments, when the color fountains dance and whirl and change colors and provide crisper renditions of color and light.  During the show, there are often projections against the massive water screens that--while impressive--are still a little blurry.  Some of the major water jet eruptions are awe-inspiring, but they sometimes become monochromatic or lack contrast.  But the post-show?  That's a dynamic and more easily photographed portion that is vibrant and scenic, and it really amplifies the ambiance around Paradise Bay!

The post-World of Color fountains provide a dazzling site at Paradise Bay.


  1. The color is great! I love how the purples and reds just snap.

    1. Thanks, Jim! So many great ops after the WoC show here!


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