Dusk Outside the Maka'ala

Gazing out over the Pacific is a pretty striking view no matter what time of day, but if it's around sunset or just after, and the key is textured and dramatic, and the evening colors are creeping in, and the setting happens to be Disney's iteration of a Hawaiian paradise in Hawaii... well, that view might be even more majestic.  That was the good fortune I had when I visited Aulani last April and caught a better post-sunset than actual sunset!  The sun itself ended up being obscured by clouds when it crossed the horizon, but the clouds then cleared up enough to present this scene by the time I had made my way around toward the lobby of the resort.  Gazing over the Waikolohe Valley--Disney's name for the landscaped courtyard enveloped by the two wings of the Aulani Hotel--I felt both wowed and calmed by this fantastic scene, and it provided a great cap to a terrific day trip out to the west side of Oahu!

Overlooking the post-sunset, early evening sky at Aulani from the outside, past the front entry lobby. 


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