Barbossa's Charge

In Pirates of the Caribbean, after sailing through haunted lairs of pirate treasure and buccaneer spirits, riders pass through a ghostly mist screen and into a fierce seaside battle between an invading pirate ship and a Spanish fort.  At the helm of the ship is none other than Captain Barbossa, mutineer of the Black Pearl, although in this scene, rather than command Jack Sparrow's beloved ship, he's actually aboard the Wicked Wench. See, prior to the 2006 remodel of the ride, this character wasn't Captain Barbossa at all.  It was an untitled pirate (some thought perhaps Blackbeard), commanding his crew to blow the cannons right through the fortress.  The scene is largely the same now, just updated with the movie franchise overlay.  But the captain is still menacing, and he certainly is unyielding in his continuous quest to sack the village!

Captain Barbossa threatens a Spanish fort in the battle scene of Pirates of the Caribbean.


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