The Treehouse at Sunset

A month ago, I posted what may very well be one of my favorite photos ever--a gorgeous overview of the Pirates of the Caribbean queue at sunset.  The golden light coupled with the high angle made for a very stunning shot. 

This time around, I turn around and showcase the view that day looking back toward Adventureland.  During this time of the day, Tarzan's Treehouse really glistens with a warmth that makes treetop living seem oh so romantic and exciting.  Channeling the spirit of its predecessor, the Swiss Family Treehouse, this setting high above pedestrians below draws adventurers into the fantasy of a life  in the canopy, of self substainability, and living in the wild.  It's every kid's backyard treehouse dream, amplified with Disney magic.  And now that I think about it, It *would* be pretty awesome to camp out here at night. Perhaps that can be a Limited Time Magic event?  Ball's in your court, Disney!

Tarzan's Treehouse is beautiful in the golden light of what many photographers call "magic hour."

A detail of Tarzan's Treehouse.


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