The Petrified Trunk

Last year, in a post about the same topic, I mentioned that this petrified tree stump was a  present from Walt Disney to his wife, Lilian. At least that's what legend says.  At the very least, in 1956, Walt Disney purchased the remains of a former redwood sequoia in Colorado believed to have once stood over 200 feet tall.  A year later, Lilian presented it to Disneyland Park, claiming that it had proven to be "too big for the mantle."  Whether the specifics of the present are true, it's still a mirthful story and an act that I can imagine Walt doing.  Today, though, this Disney keepsake stands by the waterfront, in Frontierland.  On beautiful afternoons, it makes for a wonderful portrait.  So next time you're across the Golden Horseshoe, stop by and check out this grand old tree!

A petrified tree stump stands in front of the Mark Twain and the Rivers of America.


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