A Little More Warmth in the Country

I've posted this view before.  On that particular day, I found myself in Critter Country, gazing upon the beautiful, golden lighting of the late afternoon hour.  With such splendid illumination, it was not hard to be entranced by the scene. 

But I also noticed how the light fell upon this little elevated part of the roof.  The warm, organic wood structure and thatched shingles recalled a time long gone, when thing were simpler and man was more connected to nature.  There wasn't anything about the setting that conveyed this, but this was the type of "warm and fuzzy" feeling common whenever I was outside, in a wilderness type setting, under the wonderful embrace of such golden rays.

And so, I bought my camera to this detail, zoomed in, and snapped off a few shots.  It's a little thing, but it's a reassuring thing.  Just a small part of why Disneyland is like home for me.


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