Golden Spires of Super Space

The pure form of Space Mountain's ride building is iconic and epic--an instantly recognizable piece of architecture that has managed to survive as one of the more timeless pieces of design from that time period.  During an era when popular style was loud, colorful, and almost cartoonish, Space Mountain took on a sleek, elegant approach.  Of course, it was in an area themed to the future, but previous architectural attempts at futurism have not always ended so successfully.

When Space Mountain opened at Disneyland in 1977, it introduced a whole new thrill to the park--this indoor roller coaster simulated the exhilaration of rocketing through the deep recesses of super space, all while never going above 32 miles per hour.  It's true!  The top speed for this ride is lower than the average speed limit of a local street.  But it's the sharp turns, minimal lighting, and projections that make everything seem so much faster.  And it's all part of why Space Mountain is my favorite ride in the entire park.

The sleek spires of Space Mountain in the golden hour before sunset.
If Space Mountain isn't your favorite, sound off!  What IS your favorite ride?  Conversely, who agrees with me that Space Mountain is tops at the Happiest Place on Earth?


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