E Komo Mai

It means, "come in, welcome,"1 and it's an appropriate representation of how the entrance of Aulani greets all guests and visitors.

The approach to Aulani is a slow and building one, layering on a combination of sound and sight and smells, before culminating in the grand reveal of the main lobby of the hotel, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean.  There is a theatrical manner in which all of this unfolds, complete with a soundtrack that starts off soft and low, then adds in melodies and bass, then crescendos upon entering the lobby.  Once in the lobby, the grand scale of the Hawaiian story hits you, and in addition the soaring space and detailed Hawaiian sculptures, there is also an expansive mural telling the story of Hawai'i.  All of this is accomplished to great effect and was one of many features that left me feeling quite impressed with Disney's magical tropical resort!

The main lobby space is open, soaring, and filled with light.
A mural wraps around the lobby and tells the story and culture of Hawai'i.
It is a grandoise and impressive space!

1 I think.


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