The Distant Masts

This detail is a bit of trivia I learned from the folks over at Disney Park Secrets, a great fan page devoted to little known facts and unique history about the Disneyland Resort.  When guests approach New Orleans Square from Frontierland, if they're looking at the right angle, they might see the tops of some sailing ships behind the French Quarter-inspired buildings.  This is a neat little trick of forced perspective by the Imagineers as a nod to New Orleans' rich nautical history and shipyard past.  Because New Orleans Square is meant to reflect the crescent city, the Imagineers designed little ship masts to give the illusion that the Louisiana coastline is just beyond.  This goes hand in hand with the bayou setting found inside Pirates of the Caribbean. 

This detail is not something most people will notice, but it's a neat nod to history and another example of how far Disney's Imagineers push themselves in the realm of theming!

Sailing ship masts stand tall in the background of New Orleans Square.


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