A Bear in the Woods

My last four A Bug's Land posts have all featured the menacing Tower of Terror looming in the background, and indeed, I feel that my best photos from this area have this prominent backdrop.  But at the recent Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event, I found a different background for a nice Bug's Land photos: Grizzly Peak! 

This was taken shortly after 4AM.  Unlike last year, there was still a decent number of people around, so I didn't quite get the completely empty shots I had last year. But as I strolled through the park, I kept a lookout for different angles and views I hadn't photographed before, and sure enough, this perspective unveiled itself to me. With the lush vegetation in the foreground and the allure of the wilderness in the background, it seemed like good juxtaposition between the two lands!

Grizzly Peak juts up in the background above the foliage of A Bug's Land.


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