Making a Wish

I've written about how magical Snow White's Wishing Well is at night. There's a whole different mood and aura this area undertakes, and its quite a romantic scene as well.  This scene once again comes from the Disneyland Resort 24-hour event from a week and a half ago.  By 5:15 AM, my friend, Natalie, and I were on the hunt for interesting photo ops, and I briefly stopped by the Wishing Well to set up a "front-and-center" shot of this secluded little hideaway.  Well, it wasn't secluded enough, obviously, because within moments, another guest came strolling into the frame and spent the majority of my 30-second exposure peeking in and circling the well.  I would have attempted a second shot with no one in it, but upon reviewing the photo in camera, I noticed how this scene told a little bit of a story just in and of its own.  A long guest, late at the Happiest Place on Earth, making a wish.  That's pretty Disney, isn't it?

3:00 AM at Snow White's Wishing Well.


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