Two Years of Disney Photoblography

Can you believe it? It's been not one but two years since I started this blog, and 730 posts later, we're still going.  When I first started, I figured I could post a picture a day, or maybe a photo every couple of days.  But 24 months later, I've actually managed to post a photo a day.  Except for the third day after my first post, I've actually managed to have a new photo every single day this blog has been in existence. And since I (for some reason) uploaded two posts exactly two years ago on this date, the average is still once a day!

That's pretty much the longest commitment I've maintained, and at some point, the streak will certainly end. But we'll see how long I can keep it going. At this point, it's my personal competitiveness getting involved.

Fantasyland stands still after midnight--beautiful, luminous and serene.

Anyway, I'd like to once again thank everyone who's been around since the beginning or has joined along the way, whether it was twenty hours ago or twenty months.  As I mentioned at the very beginning, this is a fun melding of arguably my two favorite hobbies--photography and Disneyland, and it's been a great outlet to express myself creatively and also improve on said photo-taking.  But I also appreciate the support and kind words people have said over the years.  It's still surreal when people I don't know or don't expect to know about this site come up to me telling me how much they enjoy it.  I've even made new friends through this blog, getting to know fellow Disneyland fan photographers.  Pretty cool, right?  And though I may not have the biggest audience in the world, I do sincerely appreciate the audience I have.

So we'll keep on going.  This year, there's a chance I might make it to Disneyland Paris, which should hopefully provide some good content (weather cooperating).  I'll keep on searching for new and unique perspectives to photograph from Walt Disney's Original Magic Kingdom. And if you have any requests, never hesitate to voice them in a comment box or on any of the associated social media accounts!

The panorama above was composed of three photos. This one...

This HDR, a blend that focuses on properly exposing the castle and taming the highlights at the photo center...

And a look to the right. All taken from the site of Excalibur at King Arthur's Carrousel.


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