A Fantasy Faire Evening II

Much of photography is simply patience--waiting until the right moment to take that perfect photo.  When Fantasy Faire first opened, I was eager to capture the charming atmosphere of this lovely mini-land, and I didn't really allow myself to explore the right vantage points or wait for the ideal night photo.  Turns out, I didn't really have to wait much.  Fantasy Faire pretty much closes down at dusk, and though guests can walk through the area afterward, the lack of shows, activities, and meet-and-greets means few actually do.  This means empty nighttime shots from this area are much easier to come across than at other parts of the park.  So in this case, after waiting until the later-but-not-that-much-later evening, I simply took my time, composed my shots, and fired off several long exposures to composite a properly exposed image.  Done and done!

A peaceful night after house at Fantasy Faire.


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