People Moving Lines

A few weeks ago, Tom Bricker over at Disney Tourist Blog posted a great little article for some easy tips all photographers should adopt to immediately make their photos better by improving their composition.  These are all true, and one of the items addressed was "leading lines."  Tom has a great example in his article, but here's another example from a trip last Friday.  It illustrates the concept of what makes a photo interesting--in this case, the lines and recessed can light fixtures draw the viewer's eye diagonally across the photo.  The viewer takes in the entire photo by following the leading lines, making the photo dynamic and thus more visually interesting.  It holds one's attention longer.  In this case, I've even gone through the trouble of tilting my camera to reinforce the diagonal lines even more, but I think it works.  Hopefully, you agree; but if you don't, feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section!

Linear action on a compositional scale under the old People Mover track in Tomorrowland!


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