In Western Garland II

Last year, I posted a photo of the Pioneer Mercantile during the holidays that was shot in one exposure, but in RAW.  In that post, I discussed the differences between shooting in RAW and creating JPEG-based HDR's the year before.  Well, my evolution of photography has brought me back toward the high dynamic range of processing again, only this time, it is in a more traditional method.

Rather than rely on specialized software, the photo below was taken in RAW but over three exposures--one evenly exposed, one over exposed, and one under exposed.  I edited each exposure separately to bring out details in three distinct areas, then combined them in Photoshop and masked in the parts I wanted to keep. The result is a more even and realistic shot, and though I could have brought out more detail in the areas in shadow, this serves as a demonstration of the progression of my photographic style.  I just find it interesting to look back and see how my photos have changed over the years--pictures that I used to consider good I now look at less favorably.  But I guess that's how we all grow!

The Pioneer Mercantile is dressed warmly for the Christmas occasion!


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