¡Viva Navidad!

During the Christmas season, the Disneyland Resort offers a lot of holiday themed entertainment, and one of them is the ¡Viva Navidad! pop-up show over at Paradise Pier, in Disney California Adventure.  Set at the walkway right by the Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and Garden Grill dining areas, this show stars Donald Duck, Jose, and Panchito, the Three Caballeros, as they explore the celebration of Christmas in the Latin American world through song and dance. 

It's a fun show that's a great hit with families, and the energy is delightfully spirited.  Here are some photos from the show, which runs several times a day through Disney's holiday season.

The Three Caballeros come out first, followed by dancers and musicians.

Spanish speaking cultures get the stage in the first set.

Lively floats also drift through the scenes.

Portuguese cultures get a chance to shine as well, when the samba is introduced.

The rest of the show melds the beats and rhythms together in wonderful and lively union.

Mickey and Minnie join the fun as well.

More singing and dancing.

The floats showcase all the main representations of Christmas in the Americas.

Audience members young and old enjoy the show and line up advance for it.

Near the end, guests are invited to participate in the revelry!

The musicians are talented and very enthusiastic.

Donald, Jose, and Panchito share the stage.

Eventually, it is time to wrap things up.

The dancers, musicians, and characters make their grand exit, and thus concludes a great holiday show!


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