The Buena Vista Tree II

My photography has certainly come a ways since I started doing this blog two and a half years ago.  The first time I posted a photo of this Christmas tree, I was using Photomatix to take five JPEGs and create a processed HDR.  These days, I take three (sometimes more) separate exposures in RAW, edit them separately, them combine them in Photoshop and mask in and out th eparts I like.  I feel like this has a more natural look, and it has the benefit of taking less time than my previous method!

Anyway, this scene of the Buena Vista Christmas tree seems so nice and soothing.  The tree over here in Disney California Adventure is a little different from its Main Street counterpart.  It has a more classic showbiz feel, with a Hollywood tinsel overlay.  I'm not even really a fan of this aesthetic when it comes to Christmas trees, but somehow, it works. And all the presents stashed underneath are pretty fun to inspect.  That makes this little spot a good gathering place for photos or just taking in the atmosphere.

The splendid Buena Vista Street Christmas tree glows by Carthay Circle.


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