A Disney Costume Party

Last Friday, I attended Mickey's Halloween Party for the first, time, and one of my favorite parts was seeing all the fantastic Disney-bounding and cosplaying that many guests engaged.  Mickey's Halloween Party is one of the few Halloween related events where guests are allowed (and encouraged) to wear costumes, and many people take full advantage of that when attending this separate admission event.  Here are a few photos of some of the sights and fashions around the park last Friday evening!

A Roarin' 20's / Little Mermaid quartet pose in a photo with Disney Food Blog's Heather Sievers.

A whole family of sock monkeys are photo bombed by the door from Alice in Wonderland.

This family is part Snow White, part Gothic.

Heather Sievers brought a entourage along, all themed to Alice in Wonderland!

Well, three of the four Fraggles are here...

Here's an interesting pairing--Flynn Rider with Genie. But whatever works at Disney!

I loved that this Ursula even had Flotsam and Jetsam around her, and her friends made for a great Ariel and Eric!

I passed these ladies several times during the evening, with many guests wanting to take photos with them. I finally had a chance to take a photo of them near the end of the night--great examples of some of the more elaborate costuming that can be seen at this event!

Finally, a bit less literal, a bit more "Disney bounding," or dressing in the spirit of your favorite Disney characters!


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