Les Partenaires

I'm not exactly sure why Walt Disney Studios Paris is the only non-Magic Kingdom park to receive a Partners Statue at a resort that features one, but it is.  At the end of the Frontlot entry avenue, there stand Walt and Mickey, gazing upon the happy guests entering the park, surveying the joy that they have brought. 

It is a little odd that this should appear at what many consider the lowest quality Walt Disney theme park, but where the statue is situated is a rare instance of effective framing--a contrast to a lot of the wide open spaces and lack of place-making prevalent in much of Walt Disney Studios.  With the Production Courtyard art deco behind and the Tower of Terror looming either further beyond, there is nice depth and visual texture in the view.  And on a bright and sunny day, the scene certainly presents a nice bit of Disney bliss.

At Euro Disney, the Partners Statue is at the non-Magic Kingdom Park.


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