Raging Spirits

So here's an example of the amazing nature of Tokyo Disney Sea.  Over in the Lost River Delta region of the park, way in the back, there is a roller coaster called Raging Spirits.  Located next to the park's Indiana Jones ride, this attraction happens to also be an identical clone of the Indiana Jones roller coaster at Disneyland Paris.  But there are two major differences between the two rides:
  1. The Tokyo Disney Sea edition is incredibly smoother, with no head banging (but heavily padded over the shoulder restraints just in case), and very pleasant to ride.  By comparison, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril is rough, rattly, and noticeably conducive to headaches.
  2. The Tokyo Disney Sea edition is much more visually spectacular, especially at night, as the temple lights on fire on top of water, and a contrast of cool purples and turquoise juxtapose against the fiery stone and flames that line the steps.
It's just one of many way Tokyo Disney Sea is the most spectacular and gorgeous theme park in the world.  Theming-wise, it is just absolutely superior in a way that slaps you in the face--only you just want to see more and more.

Raging Spirits is stunningly beautiful at night.


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