Painting the End

In all the different types of content I've been eager to post over the past few months, from Halloween to the winter holidays to my new trove of Tokyo Disney and Hong Kong Disney pictures, I've realized that I never finished my "Paint the Night" series highlighting each segment of Disneyland's nighttime spectacular parade introduced for the 60th anniversary.  And I only had one more part too!

So picking up off the Frozen portion, we arrive at the end of the parade, featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy, and a kaleidoscope of shimmering color.  Lets check out what it's like!

Here come Goofy and Donald and Minnie!

Goofy is aw-hyucking it up!

Donald is here to light up the night!

Minnie too!

Donald is so happy! How can you not love him?

Sweet Minnie, rolling on by.

The characters have high powered Made with Magic wands that can change the colors of anyone wearing ears or hats with similar radio technology!

And then comes the big cheese himself...

It's Mickey Mouse!

Mickey is dressed in sorcerer garb, and it's a great illuminated magic he's weaving!

The spinning helix is quite a site behind Mickey.  It really needs to be witnessed in person.

The hypnotizing effect is a grand end to a super fun and dazzling parade.  And it always leaves me wanting more!


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