Main Street Windows: The Princess and the Frog

For the Disneyland 60th Anniversary, the storefront windows along the Main Street Emporium were completely revamped and unveiled as magnificent, dynamic, dual scene moving dioramas.  The amount of work, detail, creativity, and technical savvy it took to pull this off is very impressive, and since they are literally animated scenes, photos don't really do these justice.  All the same, I'll showcase all six windows (now that they've all been revealed) so that you can see what they're like.  First up: the bayou blues of The Princess and the Frog, a most atmospheric scene!

Part one begins with Tiana and Naveen in frog form, come upon the swamps of Louisiana.
The mood is eerie and threatening, with scary objects around every tree.
Doctor Facilier lurks in the background.
What will become of our amphibious protagonists?
Never fear, as scene two reveals that all did end up well.
The animals watch the celebration.
Tiana and Naveen dance aboard the riverboat, with a medley of musicians jamming along.
And, of course, Louis the jazz-loving alligator trumpeting through the night!


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