Space Mountain by the Bay

Back when I visited Walt Disney World six years ago, I was nowhere near the photographer I am today.  I was still shooting in JPEG, capturing mostly snapshots, and processing with "auto"-everything.  Combined with generally drab weather through most of my trip, and my catalog of Walt Disney World photos is pretty underwhelming.

So until I go back, I need to get a little creative, so enter an attempt to compress a shot in monochrome and really focus on the principal elements of a shot.  In this case, they are the unmistakable outline of Space Mountain and the tropical vegetation of Florida, brought together in a shot that doesn't seem like it should feature these two disparate elements.  I like the contrast, and removing the color (what little there was to begin with) hones in on the point even more.

The iconic spires of Space Mountain above a not-so-expected canopy of tropical trees.


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