House on Phantom Hill II

Since it's the season of spooks, I think it's fitting that I post some more photos of Disneyland Paris' fantastic Phantom Manor, the Haunted Mansion's darker, creepier cousin in France.  Whereas the U.S. and Japanese versions of this attraction feature stately, elegant, and regal exteriors, the Paris version is clearly in disrepair and plainly more sinister looking.  I've said before that it inspires some Psycho house vibes, with the dilapidated Victorian mansion facade evoking connotations to the infamous Bates family home.  What would make for a better visual display of the Halloween season than this?

Phantom Manor, on the river in Thunder Mesa.

The house certainly looks like it's full of frightful spirits.

From this angle, it's easy to see how it reminds some people of the house from Psycho.


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