The Sparkling Bay of Color

Regular World of Color is back, and I took a recent visit to photograph what might be the prettiest part of the show--segment after it ends.  If you didn't know about it before, after the show concludes, there is a nice little post-show of colorful dancing fountains that sends departing guests off on a good night.  The fountains ripple in all varieties of shimmering color, and they are incredibly photogenic.  On this night, I shot from the Silly Symphony Swings, affording me a view of Ariel's Grotto in the background for a nice, luminous composition I had never taken before.  Enjoy this eye candy, and catch regular World of Color before it changes again to an all new World of Color: Seasons of Light Christmastime show!

An homage to the "Little Squirt" character cut from the final iteration of the show, at the end of the post-show.


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