More Inside Mystic Manor

Even though it's not haunted by ghosts, Mystic Manor bears its own connection to supernatural manifestations, as evidenced by the enchanted music box that Lord Henry Mystic's pet monkey, Albert, opens up, unleashing a charm that animates everything throughout the mansion.  It's spectacular and jaw-dropping adventure as Albert frantically tries to get things back in order before his master notices.  Lets take another look at the goings-on inside the ride.

Lord Mystic checks to see that everything is in order before retiring.

As soon as he's out of sight, Albert pops up to investigate Mystic's newest artifact.

Opening up the box enchants everything, turning rooms into melody and song.

The visual effects are spectacular and must been seen in person to be done justice.

Pictures and paintings animate too.

Some appear innocent...

But betray ghastly surprises.

Albert quickly finds himself in trouble with various manor inhabitants.

In one room, a gale freezes things over.

In another, Albert nearly loses his head over things.

Whew, that was close!

Some of the artifacts themselves also face apprehension at what's going on.

The adventure spans a diverse range of cultures, items Henry Mystic has collected over the years.

Poor Albert, all arrowed up with nowhere to go.

The climactic finale features a maelstrom that rips the room apart.

The mix of practical sets and projections makes for an incredible effect.

Everything swirls around the Monkey King, who oversees the chaos.

Fortunately, Albert is able to make his way back to the music box and close it.

Just like that, the spell is broken.

When Lord Mystic checks back, it's like nothing ever happened!


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