Getting Those Last Pumpkin Shots

A few weeks ago, I happened to run into a group of other Disneyland photographers congregating together to snap photos of the new Halloween decorations at night.  This so-called "Tripod Squad" knew each other from Instagram, and they had developed a nice network and social crew for nighttime photo run.  We started by Haunted Mansion and slowly made our way over to Main Street over the next hour.  Eventually, we found ourselves at Town Square, sternly eyed by security.  Other guests were still around, but of course, they hoped that we would leave soon.

And eventually, we did (and not last, either!).  But of course, before we did, we just had to take those last few snapshots of Pumpkin Mickey and the park in its nighttime Halloween splendor.  That's the dance we Disney fan photogs always play.  Stick around just long enough to get the empty park shot, but not so long that we overstay our welcome!

Late night photography before security ushers us out.


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