Around a Hong Kong Fantasyland

It's been a little while since we've visited Hong Kong Disneyland.  This Magic Kingdom gets the least love out of the six in existence, probably because even with its great expansions over the past several years, it still offers relatively little in terms of quantity and spectacular quality in comparison, and it's no longer the shiny new park on the block.  Still, it's a nice park that will become even nicer as further improvements and expansions are made.  Here's a little stroll through a bit of Fantasyland, which will look noticeably different in a few years!

This is Sleeping Beauty Castle, a modern day clone of the original Disney Castle.
Here is the backside of castle.  This will change in the upcoming years, as the castle is enlarged into something taller, grander, more visually impactful, and unique.
The back of Fantasyland has a relatively open feel, with the mountains of Lantau Island forming a nice backdrop.
Like most Fantasylands, there's a carousel at the heart of the area.
And spinny rides too!
Hong Kong Disneyland organizes most of its eateries into food court type establishments, and this is one of them.


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