Bathed in Pink

This is a bit of a flashback to spring, since it's summer, but a few months ago, while I was taking photos of the beautiful tabebuia blooms in the Hub, all the lights shut down, leaving me to shoot what is normally a strikingly lovely and illuminated scene in relative darkness.  The only source of light was the show lighting on Main Street, normally used for fireworks and nighttime parades.  At the time, I joked to my friends that security was implementing a new strategy to kick out Disney fan photographers by depriving them of their normal light sources.  Little did they know that we photogs had a nifty trick up our sleeves: long exposure photography.  By simply extending the shutter speed, we gained the lighting lost.  The result was a markedly pink photo definitely unique from the normal, but it also provided a fun story!

Turned off Hub lighting plus Main Street show lighting makes for a very pink Hub!


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