Down Low at the Wharf

Technology is the advancement in tools that make one's life easier, and a recent purchase definitely qualifies under that category. 

Last Christmas, I purchased a Nikon D750 for myself as both a holiday present and a back-up camera body for my then-upcoming trip to Antarctica.  Though the D750 is several years old, it was more advanced than my D610, and one small novel feature was the inclusion of a flip out screen that could rotate to face up or down perpendicular to its normal viewing angle.

That made ground shots at the edge of water puddles much easier to compose a couple of weeks ago, when I was at the Disneyland Resort after an evening drizzle.  Rather than crouch down to strain to see the picture on the screen at an oblique angle or lie on my belly on the dirty pavement to peer through the viewfinder, I could simply flip the screen up and look down to compose and angle my shot.  The result: much better executed reflection shots!

A puddled reflection in Pacific Wharf.


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