Flo's Classic Reflections

It's almost a standard for all Disneyland fan photographers to have a nighttime photo of Flo's V8 Cafe.  The brilliant neon lights and even lighting make this an easy but still spectacular photo to get.  I've taken my fair share of photos in the past, but I've typically done two or three exposures to make sure I cover my entire dynamic range.  But on a recent trip to the parks with my new Nikon D750 (new for me), I discovered that I could relatively easily capture the entire dynamic range of the scene on only one exposure!  This was a pleasant surprise, because as much as I enjoy blending photos together to produce beautiful and evenly balanced nighttime photos, I'm lazy and don't like how much time it takes.  So anything that can let me accomplish more with less is definitely welcome!

A classic Flo's V8 Cafe shot, but accomplished with only one exposure.


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