Wrapped Up in Blooms

Something a bit unique happened around The Hub at Disneyland this year.  No, I'm not talking about how it was closed down for a few weeks so that new trolley tracks and brick pavers could be laid for the Main Street Trolley.  I'm referring to the relatively even blooming of all four tabebuia trees, which burst into full pinkness at nearly the same time for the first time that I can ever recall seeing. 

Now, the tabebuia trees bloom every year, but in past years, there has always been at least one that starts much too early or too late to join the others.  And although the northeast tree did start blooming a week or two before the others this year, the remainder joined quickly enough that a week and a half ago or so, The Hub was surrounded by beautiful blossoms heralding the coming of spring. 

What a wonderful canvas to surround Walt and Mickey!

Pinks bathe The Hub during springtime (or thereabouts).


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