Empty at Fillmore's

Normally, Fillmore's Taste-In features a variety of light snacks and drinks of the more wholesome or healthy variety for weary travelers who still want something more organic and less processed.  The little food stand near the front of Radiator Springs stays true to its namesake, eschewing "junk" food for things the "hippie," Fillmore, might approve of--like teas, trail mix, and chips.  Now, the last item may not be the epitome of healthy eating, but everything in moderation, right?

At the end of the night, though, Fillmore has closed up shop.  So his snacks will have to wait another day before being brought out again.  But his stand still imbues loving vibes and relaxation, and that's pretty fulfilling in and of itself!

Puddles on the ground at Fillmore's Taste-In.


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