A Toontown Golden Hour

This month has mostly focused on nighttime photos I recently took at the Disneyland Resort, so we're going to keep some variety by having a second consecutive daytime post--this time from Mickey's Toontown.  It's a land I don't often visit, because it's way back in the park and lacking any particularly compelling attraction to me.  But this land of toons is full of whimsy and eclectic ambiance, with bulging and shrugging and leaning architecture that matches the zany part of a cartoon character.  Here are a few photos of the "uptown" part of Toontown--the commercial and civil district that's more bustling with activity!

The Toontown Five and Dime offers shopping assortments.

This is where Toontown gets its juice.

There are no real straight lines around here.

The skyline is quite curvy.

The post office offers some surprise gags.

A gazebo frames Toontown's City Hall pretty squarely.


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