Classic Cars Land

Nearly six years ago, the debut of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure marked the culmination of a five year expansion and reimagining sequence to transform the park from its initial disappointing offerings into a world class top tier Disney park.  DCA has continued to evolve since then, with even more changes coming in the future, but that Cars Land opening day marked a new chapter in the park's history, with a new emphasis in cutting edge and fully immersive theming and bold ambiance. 

From the Pacific Wharf entry into Cars Land, the message that Cars Land brought still rings loud a clear.  This is a deeply atmospheric world in and of itself, one that evokes feelings of the monumental American southwest, and one that is breathtaking and richly detailed.  That first view of Ornament Valley never gets old, and even today, six years later and countless times through that rocky archway, I'm still taken aback at the sight that greets me when I come through. 

Cars Land has certainly become a classic staple of the park, even if its own history isn't as long-lived as the other classic mainstays in the Resort.  What an unforgettable sight it holds!

The classically beautiful arched entrance of Cars Land through Ornament Valley.


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