The Eternal Game

The grotto after the second drop and the sailing pirate skeleton contains some pretty tricky scenes to photograph.  Though well lit enough for the human eye to easily discern what's going on, the ambient lighting level is dim enough to pose some serious challenges for cameras, especially when shooting from a moving target.  The two pirates playing chess with each other are one such challenge, since they are close to the moving boat and thus are themselves in greater "motion" compared to objects in the background.

Fortunately, my recently purchased Nikon D750 has a good enough sensor to allow shooting this at a relatively fast shutter speed to capture the moment.  And though this isn't quite perfect, it's better than other past attempts.  And that's part of the fun of photography--even the same shots can be unique each time you take them, in that constant pursuit of improvement!

Two dead pirates stare intently at their pieces in this never-ending game of chess.


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