DCA's Springtime Hub

Just as The Hub is with Disneyland, Carthay Circle is the heart of Disney California Adventure.  And at the center of that is the Carthay Circle Fountain, a circular focal point that people gather around during the daytime with its own "weenie" (Disney-speak for iconic structure that draws visual attention) in the background in the form of the Carthay Circle Restaurant tower.  Just like The Hub, Carthay Circle is also surrounded by tabebuia trees, and during the late winter and early spring, they also open up to a bloom (though not as strongly as at Disneyland, probably because the trees themselves are younger).  The parallels aren't complete; after all, Disneyland has no water feature at its Hub (unless one counts any irrigation sprinklers?).  But the similarities are there, and just as the center of Disneyland is serenely beautiful after hours, so too is Carthay Circle.  The contrast of this quiet time with the hustle and bustle of the day is very striking.  But the peaceful stillness is absolutely beautiful.

The Carthay Circle Fountain under an almost-spring moonlight.


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