Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek!

At the Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Disney Sea definitely gets all the photogenic pizzazz, but Tokyo Disneyland has its fair share of fantastic attractions too.  One unique ride is Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek!  Located in the park's Tomorrowland section, this dark ride combines elements of interactivity within a dark ride setting, telling a follow-up story to the classic Pixar movie.  The ride takes guests throughout Monstropolis, adding flashlights that trigger various effects and unveil focused scenes as riders move long.

Mike and Sully and Boo are on another adventure on Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek!
The Tokyo quality is evident from the moment guests step in line.  Everyone is welcome to Monstropolis to following along with Mike and Sully, now that they've found that harvesting laughter is much more powerful than screams.  Mike has also invited Boo to tag along, but in a twist of zero surprise, she wanders off and becomes lost, with Mike and Sully chasing after her.  Unbeknownst to them, Randall has also made it back from the human world, and he's determined to capture our little heroine to extract her screams!

The lobby space has some great mosaics!

Just checking in.

Must pass monster security.
Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek! is a charmingly adorably ride.  The various scenes aren't overly elaborate, but there are audio-animatronics and movement and great lighting, plus some fun special effects.  But what really dazzles are the flashlights, which reveal details and parts of scenes otherwise "invisible" in the ambient light.  Guests have full control of the lights, which they can use to point in any direction, and the illumination can trigger effects and additional animations to liven up the experience.  Given the multitude of treats and easter eggs throughout the ride, this attraction also begs to be re-ridden, which is pretty awesome.  So unsurprisingly, Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek! often has a pretty lengthy wait, and I'd definitely recommend hitting this attraction if you've never been.  It's one of the more unique rides in Disney's theme park portfolio!

Sully and Boo together on Ride and Go Seek!

Roz, flipping through paperwork.

Harryhausen's sushi restaurant offers lots of flashlight interactions.

Oops! Sorry, Celia!

Oh look! A monster in a mailbox!

Just when Randall is about to catch Boo...

Well, he gets his comeuppance.

Boo is safe and reunited with Mike and Sully.

That's the ride!  Roz will collect your paperwork here.


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