Sunset Over Pixar Pier

I've written in the past about having poor luck with dramatic sunsets at Disneyland, and while every now and then, I do benefit from being at the right place at the right time, by and large, I'm not.  Last Saturday was almost an exception.  It was a cloudy day to begin with, featuring on and off drizzle as the morning turned to afternoon.  But it seemed as though the skies might be clearing just a bit to offer some sun, and in the late afternoon that's exactly what happened, as the sun peeked through a small pocket of clouds. 

I was in Pixar Pier when this happened, and I hurried to the nearest scenic vantagepoint to try to capture a nice view.  Alas, the clouds were too heavy, and though there was some amount of texture in the skies and a flash of golden sun, the entire scene never quite panned out to the saturated and fiery moment I was hoping for. 

Ah well.  It still turned out to be a pretty view!

Sunset last Saturday at Pixar Pier.


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