The Castle on the Hill IV

Clocking in at three total visits over the years, the Disneyland Paris Resort is the non-Anaheim Disneyland resort that I have visited the most in my life.  And as a result, it holds a dear place in my heart.  This isn't only because it was my first international Disney park, or that it was even my first non-California Disney park, or that the first time I visited was during my study abroad, which cemented a strength of nostalgia and memory that might not have embedded itself at a less pivotal part of my life.  No, the biggest reason for the sentimentality is Disneyland Paris' majestic beauty and grandeur that make it the most magnificent Magic Kingdom park (in my opinion).  With so much throught and enchantment put into all of its lands, Disneyland Paris is a true gem in the Disney park portfolio, and nothing sums that up better than its Sleeping Beauty Castle--Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant.  Like a whimsical, fairytale structure, it perches on a vibrant green hill, with fantastical spires and soaring towers contributing to its storybook appeal.  That's the beauty of Disneyland Paris.  To compete with the land of romance and fantasy, Disney Imagineers had to create something even more wondrous.  And they certainly succeeded with this wonderful park!

Beautiful from any angle, the marvelous Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris!


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