Partners Amidst Change

Walt Disney Paris has traditionally been regarded as the worst Disney theme park in the world, but changes are a foot.  With expansion lands themed to Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen, the park will be transformed and doubled in half a decade's time.  This is welcome news, as the park never felt like a complete project--both in concept and built construction.  This growth will give it a proper amount of content to be worth a destination.

In the meantime, there are parts of the park that are beautiful and work, like the central hub that guests come upon after passing through the Frontlot and studio avenue, onto the Partners Statue and the Hollywood Blvd that stretches beyond.  To be far, this will look different after the expansion is complete too, but the immediate background remains intact at least.  It should be excited to see how this all shapes up when everything is done.  As with all things Disney, the park will never be complete.  But at least with this development, it will be more complete!

Walt and Mickey look on from their perch at Walt Disney Studios in Paris!


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