Close Contact of the Kraken Kind

Disney doesn't have that many walk-through attractions in  its line-up.  The vast majority of its attractions are moving rides, where guests are whisked away on vehicles that take them through an adventure.  On Les Mystères du Nautilus in Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland, however, the adventure comes to them.  This tour of Captain Nemo's famous submarine--done entirely on foot--is a sojourn through an underwater vessel, and it's most placid.  But near the end of the tour, once guests come upon Nemo's organ and catch a view of the underwater environment outside through a large oculus, excitement arrives in the form of a massive sea creature akin to the beast at the climax of Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The tentacled monstrosity threatens to break through the vessel until a well-placed jolt of electricity sends it scurrying away.  Talk about a close encounter!

A tour of Captain Nemo's Nautilus seems calm for the most part--until a giant squid strikes!


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