Rainy Neon Springs

In less than two weeks, Disney California Adventure will be reopened again--not for regular operation, however, but rather a scaled-back version of its popular Food & Wine Festival, with a decidedly scaled-up price tag that is relying on the longing of Disney fans missing the parks and eager to experience even some of the Disney atmosphere--even without rides--to help earn back some desperately needed income after a year of park closure.  Although California Adventure is partially open for free as an extension of Downtown Disney, the "Touch of Disney" event will basically open up the entire park for guests to take in and just enjoy.  The special ticket will feature limited admission to help with crowd control in the face of COVID-19, but it will let guests peruse the parks and enjoy scenes like this (provided it rains).  And hey, sometimes, even that little bit of Disney magic is enough!

Glowing reflections glance off slick pavement at the end of Radiator Springs.


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