Monuments at American Waterfront

Even after all these years, I'm still amazed that the designers of Tokyo Disney Sea practically built a steamship to function as theming.  Sure, it also has an elegant lounge inside, and it functions as the backdrop to a stage show.  And guests can use it as a nice observation deck perch to overlook the rest of the park.  But it's still, essentially, theming.  And an epic-looking piece of the set, too!  

Meanwhile, not far beyond, there's an immaculate tower built in the Moorish Revival style, intricate and ornate, with details and architectural features that make it look far less blocky than its Anaheim and Paris Tower of Terror brethren.  Together, they form two of the most overt and recognizable features of the park, and practically any shot in the area will feature one or both in the scene.  

Such is the grandeur of American Waterfront, which itself is just one-seventh of the magnificence of Tokyo Disney Sea.  In a Sea of Dreams, there is no theming left unexplored to achieve such an epic scope!

A haunted hotel and a stately steamliner mark American Waterfront's icons at Tokyo Disney Sea.


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