Dancers of the New Year

We're double dipping from DCA on this, the final day of the Lunar New Year Celebration, by taking a look at some of the other entertainment offered at this seasonal event.  Over at the Paradise Garden Bandstand, the advertised show is a musical performance by the group Melody of China, but when I visited a couple of Sundays ago, I actually saw a cultural performance of various Chinese and Korean dances put on by a local Asian American cultural association.  It was great seeing these wonderful examples of performing arts showcased to a wide audience, and of course, the acts provided some great photo opportunities also!  

Here are some photos from that afternoon.

The first performance was a fan dance.

The handkerchief spinners were fun.

The umbrella dance included flexible contortions.

The Seungmu dance in Korean Buddhist culture was showcased.

The show finished up with this folk drum display that combined percussion and dance.

All in all, a great show!


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