Mulan's Lunar New Year of the Tiger Procession

This weekend is the final weekend of the 2022 Lunar New Year Celebration at Disney California Adventure.  It seems like only yesterday that it began, but it was actually three weekends ago!  The Lunar New Year Celebration at DCA has been exceedingly popular--arguablly overly so from all the food lines the first two weeks, but it really is a fantastic celebration of Asian cultures.  The highlight of the event is Mulan's Lunar New Year Procession, which takes a modified approach this year by acting literally as just a procession rather than its usual hybrid procession and show event.  

From the Parade Corridor start across from Silly Symphony Swings, a cavalcade of dragon dancers, martial artists, ribbon twirlers, umbrella dancers, and of course, some familiar Disney faces march along toward the obelisk at the intersection of Paradise Park and Pacific Wharf, then reverse course.  Also new this year is a spectacular float for Mulan, Mushu, Chinese drummers, and special guest Goofy.  It all makes for quite a dazzling sight, and I'm happy to have caught it a few times this season before it retires till next year after Sunday!  

Here are some snapshots from this year's Year of the Tig(g)er Lunar New Year Procession!


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