The Rainbow Sanctum

Now that I've had a little while to process a few nighttime photos of Avengers Campus, I can definitely say that the Orb of Cagliostro at the heart of the Ancient Sanctum is definitely my favorite photography subject.  This is not a shocking revelation--it's probably many people's favorite photography subject.  The glowing geometric shape set amidst a forest of hanging lanterns bathed in colorful hues makes for a dynamic and striking scene, and the different combinations of colors make almost no two captures alike.  This composition in particular takes a step back compared to my first one and makes the setting feel denser and more remote, framing it around a sea of vegetation.  But I like how this gives a different ambiance just from where I moved my camera.  These are the fun ways to play with different perspectives of the same shot, especially when it's so beautiful!

The area surrounding the Orb of Cagliostro is a kaleidoscope of color at night!


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