The Caldera Vista

Imagine a theme park with a water-filled caldera, a volcano that actually erupts periodically, embedded retro-futuristic steampunk-esque architecture, and two incredible rides hidden beneath it all!  That is Mysterious Island, the centerpiece of the astounding park that is Tokyo Disney Sea.  it's arguably the most unique themed land in all of Disney, and it is truly transportive in ever sense.  Once inside, guests are visually removed from any other part of the park, and their focus is constantly directed at aspects of this port of call--the volcanic Mount Prometheus, the docked Nautilus in the water below, the striking spiral ramp to the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction, and more.  It's an area filled with incredible sights in a park filled with them too, but only Mysterious Island lies at the heart of it all!

Mysterious Island is full of grandeur.


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